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For Unisex Drifit Polo T-shirts, refer to QD06.

For Drifit Roundneck T-shirts, refer to QD04.

For Roundneck Long Sleeve Style, refer to QD54.


Colors Available:

  • QD1600 White
  • QD1601 Navy
  • QD1602 Black
  • QD1604 Yellow
  • QD1605 Red
  • QD1607 Orange
  • QD1610 Light Blue
  • QD1613 Lime Green
  • QD1628 Sea Blue


Apparel Information:

Drifit Quick Dry Polo T-shirts from Oren Sports

  • 160 gsm
  • 100% Microfibre
  • Note: For customization, quotation per piece may be lower than price shown here, depending on type of print, number of print colors and quantity per order. Submit details below to find out.


You may purchase plain tees or you can request a quotation based on your customization and quantity needs here.

QD16 Drifit Polo Collared T-shirts FEMALE (OS) 160 gsm

  • For Printing or Full Customization

    For Customization including adding of pen pockets, printing, side panels or 2-toned special cuttings,

    please email us at

    stating your quantity + attach design. 

    Or you can request a quote here.

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