Frequently Asked Questions

In charge of printing tees for your group? Have no fear, Butter Prints is here!
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Frequently asked questions

1. How do I get quotations?

2 Ways: 1. Go to " Request a Quote" page and fill in your options. We will reply you through email as quickly as we can. 2. You can simply email us ( your t-shirt order quantity, apparel (cotton roundneck t-shirts/ drifit roundneck t-shirts/ polo t-shirts) and attach your design for printing as well, for us to provide you an accurate quotation for your shirts! Include total quantity in your email.

2. How do you charge us for the shirts?

It depends on your t-shirt order quantity, number of colours printed on each side of the shirts, type of t-shirt printing and the apparel (cotton roundneck t-shirt/ drifit roundneck t-shirts/ polo t-shirts) chosen.

3. How do I confirm my t-shirt printing order when I get my quotation?

All you need to do to confirm your t-shirts order is to place a 50% deposit in our account which we will provide you in the email. Once transferred to our account, email us a picture the receipt of transaction or let us know the transaction reference number and we will proceed with the tshirt design proposal for your approval for printing. Types of payment stated in the next question below:

4. Payment Methods

Cash, PayNow (via QR Code), Nets, Cheque, i-Banking, ATM transfer, PayPal, Credit Card, Swipe. PayNow to UEN Number: 201804224R or if you have a Purchase Order, or require E-invoice, vendors@gov, Gebiz, we have it all.

5. What if I want to pass cash in person to place deposit?

You can drop by our office to submit the 50% t-shirt order deposit and we will print a receipt for you. However, do remember to drop us an email or text one/two days before dropping by so that we will not be out of office when you arrive.

6. Can I feel and see the materials of the tshirts first?

Yes sure! You can always drop by our office to see the tshirts in person before confirming the order. Just make sure to drop us an email or text one/two working days before so that we are not out of office when you arrive. See Directions to Office.

7. How do I collect my tshirts when they are done?

You will have to come down to our office to collect it. You can alternatively request for delivery which will be an additional charge of $25.00 (flat rate) per trip.

8. How long does the t-shirt printing process take?

Once the deposit is received, we will need you to provide size breakdown of the tshirt orders as well as the clearest resolution of your tshirt template and designs, best in ai. or psd. format. If you are printing individual names and numbers, we will need a name/number list in excel format. Our inhouse t-shirt designer will come up with a t-shirt design proposal for your approval (which will take around 2 working days) and when you approve it, we will take 7 working days to finish printing process. For really special customizations, we will inform you the leadtime in advance.

9. How do I make the prices lower for my tshirt order?

Cheap T-shirt printing cheat codes: The higher the quantity the cheaper it will be. Also, the lesser number of colours printed on lesser sides, the cheaper it will be. The best lowest quotation given will be for example, 1 Colour Silk-screen Print A4 Front ONLY. For about 100 pieces. Names and numbers are additional charges so if you would like to cut costs due to tight budget, you will save alot by not printing names and numbers, or just names only.

10. What if I don't have a design in ai. or psd. format? What if my designs are drafted and informal?

You can tell us roughly the design that you want and show us through some pictures of your intended tshirt design, and our inhouse tshirt designer will come up with a design proposal. However, the condition is that you have to confirm the tshirt order first with the 50% deposit.

11. What if I want to reprint more shirts with the same design after my first order?

Sure you can! It will be better for you to warn us first as we throw away our silk-screen boards and films after 3 months. The minimum amount to print for reprint designs is 10 pieces.

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