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Heng Ong Huat Masks!


1 Mask: $11.90

3 Masks: $28.80 (bundle price), you can mix designs as well. 


Kids Design: GUAI (moo moo)

Adult Design: Heng (Lucky Cat), Ong (Pineapple), Huat (Cards)


Reusable Protective Face Mask with Silver Ion which  
effectively prevent bacteria and viruses from attaching on the fabric surface.  


  • Comes in hygienic individual packaging.
  • High Resilience Elastic Ear Loop with Adjustable Stoppers
  • Available in Adult Size.
  • Anti-bacterial property at >99% is still active even after > 50 washes, in line with national "FZ/ T 73023 anti bacterial knitwear" AAA Security Standard.
  • BFE ≥ 99%
    Keeps you safe from harmful germs and bacteria.
  • Smart AntiBacterial Fabric
    Entered International Environment Textile Association, registered in US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA). Passed Biocidal Products Regulations (BPR) safety certification. 
  • Odor Control
    Providing fresh feeling all day. 

  • Adult Size: 20cm x 14cm
  • Kids Size: 20cm x 11cm

CNY Heng Ong Huat - Anti Bacterial Reusable Cloth Face Mask (BFE ≥99%)

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